The Hungary-Serbia IPA Cross-border Co-operation Programme will be carried out in the 2007-2013 fiscal period of the European Union. The institutional structure of the Programme is based on a joint decision made by Hungary and Serbia under a shared management system.

The goals of the Cross-border Co-operation Programme are to promote a good neighbourly relationship between Hungary and Serbia: strengthening the stability, security and realisation of common interests. and also the harmonic, balanced and sustainable development of both countries.
Currently the co-operation of Hungary and Serbia within the IPA Cross-border Co-operation Programme is built upon a common institutional structure. The programme is to be implemented through a jointly funded and uniform infrastructure, based upon shared decision-making.

In order to have joint projects with real cross-border effect, projects partners from both sides of the border should be involved. Projects have to be planned and implemented according to the joint co-operation criteria: joint planning, joint staffing, joint financing and joint implementation of projects. Project results should have an impact on both sides of the border.